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Inventory Locations print Location No Barcode

  • 13 September 2021
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Hello all, 

I have recently noticed an access issue that I cannot seem to resolve. Currently, our Logistics group is setup with Query access to the Inventory Locations screen in IFS. They are able to access and view locations, however, they cannot print a barcode label. When a user RMBs on a given location, the option does not appear in the menu. 

I have run debug and checked the Permission Set, but I do not see where this access is granted. I still want to prevent them from adding/editing locations, but I would like for them to be able to print barcode labels as need. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi @cjohnson ,


I would start by making sure the users have access to the Print Barcode Labels report and they have access to the necessary access to the Inventory_Part_Barcode components as seen below.  Most all of our users have read only access to locations but they can print barcode labels.




William Klotz

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I was able to correct the issue by navigating to the database object of the InventoryLocations and enabling INVENT_LOCATION_NO_BARCODE_RPI.Report_Overview. To hide the sequence barcode, I disabled the RPI.Report_Overview. The only other step was to grant query access to Inventory Locations.