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Inventory Location used in Shop Order Material Allocation

  • 13 July 2022
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I am attempting to delete an inventory location from IFS, but it states that the location is used in Shop Order Material Allocation. I have not seen this message before and I am wondering how I can search for these 12 items to remove them from the system. Any guidance would be appreciated! 




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2 replies

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The issue appears to stem from issuing to/from a location. The only resolution I have found is to re-open the SO, unissue the material, and then delete the component line and close the SO. 

You could also directly delete the value from the table, but I am not sure what unintended consequences that would have. 


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You could find the locations where there is a reservation against a component on a Shop Order using the Inventory Part In Stock Reservations.  You can query for the Site where the Reserved Qty >0 and the Type = Shop Order Material.