Inventory Couting - report "added" parts (existing in physcial stock, but not in DB)

  • 4 August 2021
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Hi, for IFS Inventory Couting  -  Coute Report, 

does it support the following situation:

​​​​​​​1.  Parts actually existing in Location physcially,  but not in IFS DB, how to report this?

2.  Same like above , for Lot/Serial managed Parts,  does it support above situation?


In Reality ,  most case is , the parts put on the wrong location/shelf.

eg: In IFS DB,  Part-A in Loc-1 , 

      while physcially,  Part-A in Loc-2.

For IFS, we can report in Loc-1 - Parts-A : qty 0

while we CANNOT report part-A  in Loc-2.


How we deal with this?




5 replies

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Hi @Shou ,

When entering results for a created count report, you cannot change the location number of the part, or add a new location with qty of parts (as you say, physically available, but not in IFS inventory. This is because IFS create the count report for existing inventory part in stock records.

But, you can do this in the “Count per Inventory Part” window for each part. You can enter a new record with the physically available qty in the correct location.


And, obviously you can use “Receive Inventory Part” window as well for this.



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Count Per Inventory Part enables you to Count Parts without using a Count Report (enter the results of your physical counting of inventory parts without using a count report). Make ad-hoc corrections of inaccurate On Hand quantities.

Any divergence between the quantity stated in the system and the quantity physically counted will be shown in the created inventory postings, in the Acc Count Difference field in the Count Per Inventory Part window and in the Cum Count Diff field on the Inventory Part/Misc Part Info tab.

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@Yeshan Aluthgama , @ThushAsanka 

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, actually, I know with “Count per Inventory Part” we can do such a thing,

but it is NOT a practice solution.

It maked end-user confused, if we  ask them to use another menu to report “added parts” (even they already created the count report)

Count Report is there , every operation should focus on Count Report.


From business process point of view, what User do is:

     1.Create a Count Report 

     2.Perform(report) Couting

     3.Get the difference of the Count Report

     4.Approve the difference

 Nothing more than that.


For step.2  

it should allow,  

1)report added parts (in phycial stock, not in DB)

2)report missing parts (in DB, but not in stock)

3)parts with different qty

and if it is lot/serical tracked, it should allow:

​​​​​​​4) report wrong lot (Lot-A in DB , while Lot-B in real stock)


While, seems IFS missing the functionality of  1) ,  4).

Hope IFS can improve it soonly.


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@Shou when there are deviations above the set limit for each part during counting, you can always view those records in ‘Count Result per Count Report’. There you can ‘Print Control Report’ from the header. 


(sorry I don’t have data to show you - I think you get my point. Only deviated counting lines will come up here) 


 I think this can address both points 1 and 4. What do you think?


IFS Help defines this window as the place where we can ‘approve or reject rejected counting lines’. However in my opinion, it could address your customer’s need

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Thanks for your reply.

Maybe there are some misunderstanding,  what I mean is

how you report the “count results” for point 1 and 4.



in Location RM-1-1-1, I actually find there is Part-X  3pcs on physcial stock

how do I report it to IFS.