Inconsequent calculation of duration shop floor clocking

  • 15 November 2023
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Clocking's are started on day 1 and stopped on another day.  Some of the durations are calculated on a 24 hours timeframe for example:

start time : 19/10/2023  07:35:00

stop time: 20/10/2023  07:47:00

duration : 23.2  (standard break from 12-13 each working day)

time share and crew size = 1

Other duration are calculated on a 8 hour timeframe for example

start time: 19/10/2023  10:14:00

stop time: 20/10/2023  09:29:00

duration : 7.25

time share and crew size = 1

We are using on standard calendar on all levels (labor class, employee, work center etc)

settings on site : calendar consideration: calendar time and overtime


What is the reason for the different calculation of the duration in the clockings? 



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The Calendar Time and Overtime option will exclude what is referred to as “embedded calendar breaks” meaning non worktime periods in the calendar that completely falls between the start and stop time of the clocking. In your 2nd example the non working periods between the two days fully falls between the start and stop time, hence this time will be excluded. 


Might be easier to understand with below example. 

If you also clock attendance time I can recommend to select the Base Labor Result on Attendance on the site level. This will calculate labor time based on the actual time periods for which reported attendance exists while it typically becomes more accurate.