Generic Error When Sequencing Shop Order Operation Visualizer

  • 20 November 2023
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I’m getting a generic error “Database error occurred. Contact administrator.”  when trying to sequence  shop orders in Apps 10 Aurena Shop Order Operations Visualizer.


It appears to be workcenter specific. Some work centers don’t have a problem and it works correctly.


Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


Here is the full error text (The XXXX fields show the correct data - being masked from the public).


Url: https://SERVERNAME:PORTNUMBER/main/ifsapplications/projection/v1/ShopOrderOperationsVisualizerHandling.svc/GetWorkCenterOrderOperationsInRange(SessionId=4706,Contract='XXXX',WorkCenterNo='XXXXX',ResourceId='XXXXX',ProjName='Shop_Order_Operations_Visualizer_Handling_',IncludeAllLoad=IfsApp.ShopOrderOperationsVisualizerHandling.OperationSelection'All',LoadSource='Planned%5EReleased%5EStarted%5EParked%5EMaintenance%5EDop%5ERequisitioned%5EMasterSchedule%5EProductionSchedule%5EPromised%5EResourceBreak',PublisherParents=null)

Date = 2023-11-15T08:43:19.569Z
Client version =


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2 replies

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Thank you, Chathurya

I have created a ticket requesting a fix.

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This is a bug in APP10 Aurena. If you have a high number of operations connected to the selected work center, you may encounter this issue. Work centers with fewer operations will not experience this problem. This issue has been identified and fixed in all supported Cloud tracks. If you need this to be fixed in APP10, please raise a support ticket.