Eco-footprint calculation - actual emission calculation

  • 14 November 2023
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Hi community,

We are studying the eco-footprint functionalities in IFS Cloud and would like to have an answer if the eco-footprint calculates the total emission based on actual part usage in the organization?

As an example if we have defined substances and connected the substances for a part, are we able to calculate how much our actual usage has created emissions? Does it calculate how many parts we have produced / sold / disposed / purchased during the selected period? If yes, what is the logic and how we can do the actual emission calculation?

Now we have been able to create calculation for one single part /part structure but how we get our actual total emissions calculated?

I would appreciate your help since there is not so much material related to this topic.
I have seen the demo video below and read the IFS help but cannot find the answer.

2 replies

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Eco Footprint has much similarities with IFS Costing - Part Cost calculations. If you know how we roll up standard cost per Part in IFS then you have a shorter learning curve to understand Eco Footprint. Here we do it per substance, in costing we do it per cost bucket.


In our current Eco Footprint solution everything is about inventory parts. So the solution right now is focusing on procurement and manufacturing. AND also we are calculating standard emissions per substance and per part. Okay….So standard emissions per part… We don’t have any actual eco-footprint by shop order. That might come in the future...

But we can take the standard emissions per inventory part and multiply them with Inventory Part Statistics. And we do that in the page Emissions by Period. :-) At least this gives a good estimation of the actuals.

A prerequisite is that we:

  1. Calculate  Eco-footprint - All Parts
  2. Create Eco-footprint History

Over time emissions can change, that is reflected by doing calculations over time and then creating the Eco-footprint History. The different calculations are used as input in the page Emissions by Period.

Hope this helps a little bit.


Mats at RnD

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Thank you Mats of your reply, this is very helpful. I will test the calculation.