Can employees' clock on closed shop orders with closed operations??

  • 21 November 2023
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The employees are able to clock on shop orders that are closed. Is it possible ? 

If yes what is the logic behind it.


Best answer by Björn Hultgren 21 November 2023, 13:08

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2 replies

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It is not allowed to have ongoing clockings on a closed shop order


it is however possible to manually add time or closed clockings on a closed order since this may be required to correct reported hours.

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I have update form Development team,

This is not an issue, and it is the way of system working. Sometimes users do their time registration little late. As an example, some are preferring to do last day of the week. If you use Auto Close option in the Shop Order the shop order will be closed automatically when you receive the full quantity. But user has not completed time registration at that time. Therefore, the system is allowed to do the Time Registration after close the shop order as well. But form the system shop order will be re-opened and closed again to calculate actuals. Therefore, it is not an issue of the system, and it is the standard behavior of the system.