Acceptance Sampling trigger setup

  • 12 October 2021
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I am looking help setting up a basic Acceptance Sampling trigger on a Control Plan. I have set the default C to a qty of 10 and defined it for one data line:

I’ve defined the sampling trigger on the control plan:

I thought the only item needed was to then connect the trigger to the line you specified with the Inspection Code, however I receive the following message when attempting to do so:

I’ve reviewed the help, but there does not seem to be any information related to a basic setup of this function. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Best answer by Peter Lundgren 12 October 2021, 14:53

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The Inspection Code value determines “how many items to inspect” for a data point. When using Acceptance Sampling this value is calculated by the acceptance sampling logic. 

To activate acceptance sampling for an (attribute) data point you simply set the Inspection Code value to the system-defined value “Acceptance Sampling”. This will activate acceptance sampling for the data point of interest.


You do not define and connect any triggers manually in the Sample Frequency Trigger tab.

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The trigger type Acceptance Sampling is automatically connected to data points that use the system-defined inspection code for acceptance sampling. So on the control plan line, one must use the inspection code Acceptance Sampling for the data point. This inspection code comes with IFS Quality Management.


Documentation on Acceptance Sampling in IFS Quality Management:

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@Peter Lundgren when I attempt to select that, I receive the following message:



You have probably not defined the acceptance sampling attributes in the Detail tab. They are mandatory to be able to use Acceptance Sampling.



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@Peter Lundgren Thank you!