How to login to IFS Portal

  • 29 September 2022
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I have attempted to login to my IFS Portal which has not been used in a long time.

It does not recognise my username or password but will not allow me to register again as it recognises my email address.


How can I find out my username in order to reset my password?

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you can reset your password here: IFS Password Reset (


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Hi, i can’t use that link as I don’t know my username. Do you know how i can find out my username?



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then you have to write an e-mail to an IFS consultant. 

Generally you get an e-mail with your username. Maybe you can find it.

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The username pattern should be like this (if they were consistent):

First two letters of your company name followed by a letter (might be random, I’m not sure) then first two letters of your first name and then first two letters of your surname. 


I don’t know that will help reconstruct it, but may help with jogging your memory.

If not, then the only thing I can suggest is filling out the contact form here:


Or tagging @KristenGastaldo who is the admin here on the community who should be able to find the right person to send you the username.


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Hi all


thank you for your responses. it took me a while but I found the email with my username on, however it still won’t recognise it so I will contact an IFS consultant.

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your password is only 6 month valid. Maybe you have to reset it.