How to get GL balance from GL cube when having an opening balance?

  • 23 August 2021
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I have an unclear area on the General Ledger cube in APPS9. When we have an opening balance for any year it will insert under the 0th accounting period key. And If we want to take the value for the opening balance from the “Dm_FACT_GL_BALANCE” table we will have to use the 'BALANCE_OB' field instead of the 'BALANCE' field.

Assume we have an opening balance for a company in 2019, My question is when I need to get the GL balance for the 2019 year what is the measure I need to be used? It seems the balance measure gives the wrong value.

If you have any information regarding this matter please let me know.


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Thiwanka Sandaruwan

1 reply

There is a measure named Balance OB in the GL BALANCE measure group. You can also filter by reporting year. Balance OB is the balance going into the year, connected to accounting period as period 0.
The measuresBalance OB + Balance should give you the period balance including Opening Balance.