Adding fields to Information Sources

  • 9 September 2022
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Hi there!

We are running IFS APPS10 in managed cloud and I want to establish the data pipeline to our data warehouse. I want to use the Information Sources for this purpose. While everything that comes with IFS is fine so far I am missing some information that are standard fields (like “Coordinator” in customer order). I have gotten some information on how to add custom attributes to information sources but not how to add additional standard fields to a pre-build information source.


Has anyone encountered the same challenge and overcome it? I am thankful for any advice or explanation on how to achieve this. If you need more information please let me know.


Thank you and regards,





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Hi Sören,

Adding standard fields that are missing in the information sources as delivered by IFS, is not much different from adding custom fields to the information sources. You can add it as attribute to fact (after you created relations for fact). In this case, probably you can use View as source type. Technical Documentation gives an example for each source type.

Kind regards, Paul 

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Hey Paul,

thank you for the advice. It is really like I assumed and you confirmed. I also found the part of the doumentation you mentioned. So I am fine for now :)


Thanks again and best regards,