Whats the easiest way to copy user permissions/roles to a new user?

  • 9 June 2020
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At the moment, am pulling either the user screen and using one in summary mode to copy from and check the permissions set on the new user.

I have tried the grant permission set to user grid, and even that can be cumbersome.

Is there an easier way to do this I am missing?



2 replies

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I've seen another topic that asked how to create a duplicate IFSAPP user account to another.

Maybe you could try to do the same for a new user.

Open the source user that you think has the best permission settings.

Press F6 to duplicate the user.

Change the heading info (user id, mail etc).

Press F12 to save the new settings.

Try it and let us know the results,


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Yes, I think this works.

  1. Open window ‘Grant Permission Set to User’
  2.  select user which you want to copy roles from, right click ‘Export grants for selected users’
  3.  Open xml file with notepad, replace user id from A to B
  4.  Import user grants and refresh

Good luck,