What projection to create new employees

  • 14 September 2021
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New to IFS and creating an integration (in Boomi) to create new employees into both IFS9 and IFS10. My understanding is that IFS10 can use projections while IFS9 must still use Soap webservices. Currently working on IFS 10 and needing to create a new employee and have a few questions.

  • Is EmployeesHandling the correct projection for this task?
  • If it is correct, why doesn’t the projection separate First, middle, and last names? (seems odd)

during testing, I was only sending over a name (nothing else) and I received the error message:


  "error": {

    "code": "ODP_ILLEGAL_STATE",

    "message": "Unable to fulfill the request due to unexpected server state."



  • Is there a way on the IFS side to get a better understanding of what the error message is related to? I’d assume I could be missing some fields but wish I had a better response to diagnose the actual error.


Thanks in advance!

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