Using a Service Account to query the Oracle Database

  • 3 October 2022
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Hi, we have received the below question from one of our customers.


“In the cloud environment, I have to use a Service Account when I query the oracle database (IFSINFO).  When I try and query the COMPANY_PERSON view (or any other HCM View), I do not receive any data back, although I know that the system has data in it.  I assume that this has to do with HCM Access Setup.  I have a role defined, but since IFSINFO is setup as a Service Account, it doesn't have an underlying person record that I can associate with an Access Group.  What needs to be done to enable the Service Account to see records in the database for HCM related views and tables?  I see that I can change it to an End User, but I didn't want to change that in case it breaks something else in the configuration that allows for data access to the Oracle database.  Please advise.”


Please guide on how this can be achieved. 


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@IsuruHimself Thanks for creating this post for me.  I was able to figure out how to get this working.  I created a Person record (used the service account name so that it stands out).  During the creation, I was able to link it to the IFSINFO account that IFS created for me to have direct Oracle access to the database.  Then I was able to go into HCM Supervisor Access Setup and grant Management permissions through that Person record.  Now I am able to query the HCM tables directly.

Thank you for your kindness and support in the initial ticket!