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  • 28 February 2020
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We are trialling Time Clock from this weekend. 

Our setup is:  IFS Applications 10 UPD 7.

Time Clock setup with 3 buttons - In, Out and Reset.

And a barcode scanner that scans the card


Is there a way to setup Time Clock where we don’t have to click on In or Out etc., and just swipe the id card barcode?




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4 replies

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Hi John !

I think you can set the Time Clock to work the way you describe by activating the “Card Driven Execution” checkbox  in the “Time Clock Type Details” screen in front of each button (IN / OUT)


Can you try this and let me know ?


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@LenaicDAVID  Thank you very your reply.  We already have that set but the user still has to press IN or OUT before the card swipe.

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Hi John, I think this problem is linked to the one you described in your other post “Time Clock Functionnality”. The system seems to have trouble to recognize the card you swipe. 

Please have a look at the informations I gave you on this other post.


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Hi John:

You are right in the fact that you will need to press the “In” or the “Out” button to activate the Time Clock.  There is a setting, however, that you can keep the dialog box open for a certain number of seconds so the next person in line doesn’t have to press it, but it’s been my experience that only confuses matters if the employee has to check first to see if it’s still active.

As far as I’m aware, there is no way for the Time Clock to read a scan of a badge (barcode, prox card, etc) without first pressing the appropriate button to “activate” the transaction.

Hope that helps.