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  • 25 August 2021
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We are about to start using time clock exe to register clockings in IFS.

We user tags when clocking in terminal so objects are set to be card driven.

For the objects START INDIRECT and STOP INDIRECT card driven option is not possible to check

We do not use teams to clock on standard jobs but clocking is done by employee only. Employees have standard job definied but sometimes they need to change the job during the day. 

Is there some way to make also start and stop indirect card driven?




2 replies

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Hi Anna,

According to the current functionality, Card driven execution has not being implemented for Shop Floor buttons. Therefore, card driven options are eliminated from Shop Floor buttons with an error message “This option not valid for [<button name>] button.

You can refer the solution 238596 for more details.

Kind Regards,


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I have other simlar questions, hope you can help out

The time clock objects NEWZPOS2 and NEWZPOS3 does not trigger the employee to swipe the card eventhough we have set them to card driven. 

The time clock object IN ABSENCE, when setting this to card driven there is no option to choose the wage code but absence is created with wage code *, the dialogue for wage code is not appearing.


Are these related to some settings or are they bugs?

We are on IFS 10 upd 3