Time authorization with access role set up.

  • 1 October 2019
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When I try to authorize my employees, I got the error 'Access Denied. You cannot authorize records within Time Pers Diary logical unit.'.
I used TIME_PERS_DIARY_AUTH attribute in my access role. I can see time reporting and can do confirm, but cannot authorize. What am I missing or any ideas where else to check?

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3 replies

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Once you set up TIME_PERS_DIARY_AUTH attribute and connected to your access role, please check if you have added the Attribute level in the Access Role. Attribute level is quite similar to the authority attribute in previous versions. You have to define a numeric value for the attribute level against the Attribute Ids given on your Access Role.
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I Had the same problem, which i cant authorise.

i add the TIME_PERS_DIARY_AUTH in the access role and add attribute level. Try to authorize my subordinate it doesnt work? anyone can help? 

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Hi @rachael.eyrena ,

Hope you can confirm your subordinate time reporting and have this issue only when authorizing. If you have properly granted access to your attribute ID as below, please check  if you set its allowed operations as set correctly as below.



Please check if it solves the issue.

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