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  • 5 December 2019
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Hello All,

Can anyone advise how we could control access to the report archive screen/data by site / company?

At present any user can print/view any report from report archive screen regardless of this access, this is posing a potential security threat as our organisation is made up of multiple companies. We’ve tried revoking access to report archive activity, however that meant the user could not print any reports as a result.

Please advise.


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Access to archived reports is controlled by the IFS framework itself. A user should only be able to view the reports he/she ordered and any other reports which has

been distributed to the user.

The report distribution in IFS application is achieved from Report Distribution Groups and the Report Distribution functionality available in the report archive window.


Please refer the following extracts from the F1 documentation.



Report Distribution Groups


You can only view the reports or archive items that you ordered. There might be instances where you want to share the reports you order

with another user or a group of users. You can achieve this by report distribution.


To simplify things you can create a Distribution Group with more than one user. You can also specify an access protection level when creating a Distribution Group.

With this it will define if users in that group can add, remove or see other users in that Distribution Group. Using a Distribution Group or a single user you can distribute

the reports you order so that other users can view the same report with the same dataset.



Report Distribution


Using the Report Archive context menu you can print the report, get the XML data for the result set,

view the previously generated PDFs etc.







This will allow you to distribute the archive item with another use or a Distribution Group.






Hence, if the report distribution groups have been set up correctly, the user should only be able to see the reports printed by

him/her or any other reports that have been distributed to him/her.


Please find the functional documentation on Distribution Groups attached. However, a user with admin privileges will have access to all the reports in the report archive.