IFS Aurena - Employee Self Service

  • 5 March 2020
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Does anybody know of any security issues with relating to Employee Self Service in Aurena.

Reason for asking is apparently there is supposed to be a major flaw with regards security.  Apparently, if the user is granted access to Employee Self Service they are able to amend details on the payslip??

We were looking at allowing Employee Self Service to enable employees to request holidays, etc.

2 replies

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Hi, There are some issues with the permissions in Self service navigator which is being corrected now and will be released with Update 8. Anyway just to make sure that we’ve captured your requirement, what is the exact page(s) that you’re seeing but not supposed to see, and to which projections you’ve given access to?

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Hello @johnw66 


We have not yet face that issue. 


We still using Upd7. 


On the payslip functionality, employees have been set only to download their documents.