HR Access problems after upgrading from IFS10 upd7 to upd11

  • 24 November 2021
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After upgrading from IFS10 upd7 to upd11 last weekend, we have seen strange things in othe HR module. Have anybody else upgraded successfully without issues in the HR module?

We have a rather complex matrix organization structure,, where organization access, position access, and role based access are in use. 

To mention some of the things that have occurred:

  • Employees that have had a manager position earlier, have been reinstated in that role with end date 31.12.9999
  • We have trouble setting manager roles when they are not hierarchy structured (worked fine in upd7) 
  • A Persons that never had a manager roles for another person, suddenly became manager .

 We haven’t found the reasons for this, but suspect that there are challenges in the upgrade scripts.  

Other than this upd11 is very nice! Aurena is superfast compared to earlier updates. 



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5 replies

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The problem is that an access result line that previously had an end date all of a sudden got the same end date as the employee’s organizational assignment valid to… 

This is caused by a patch that was introduced already in update 9 (154883). An attempt to fix it was made in update 11 (157781 ), but now the conclusion is to revert the patch that was made in update 9. Check patch ID 161513.






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In addition…. we will take this as a single patch… and maybe we will also need to do a data repair in some way….  //maria

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Hi Maria, 

That's sound correct and describe our situation good!

Where do we get access to the patches? We only get access to the updates via FTP directly from IFS. 

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It all depends on your support agreement with IFS. Probably there is a person in your IFS system administration organization that knows how to proceed and has access to IFS LCS to enter a case?

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We are in contact with them now and will make sure we have  access this this going forward.