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  • 30 November 2021
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Hi all, 

I am trying to generate automatic emails via event&actions for the new Onboarding Process on Aurena. IFS already offers some standard events. Hence, I just created new actions with the given placeholders. 


example action:



On Aurena I assigned the Onboarding Program with the tasks to the employees below. 
Some tasks are due and some are not. But I expected the mails to be triggered as soon as the tasks are created or at least when the prerequisite task is completed. 


The responsible persons have an email setup as work contact information.


However, the emails were not generated (email-sender etc. are setup correctly since other processes were able to send emails). Now my questions are the following: 

  • Is there a view where I can check if the action was triggered at all? 
  • Where must the emails be setup? I tried the employee/person. Since I did not use the placeholder for the user-email in the action, I do not believe that it would fetch it from there. 
  • Is there a possibility where I can see the code behind the event? I hope to find the triggers for the actions…

Many thanks for your feedback! Any help/experience is highly appreciated!





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Hi Anny,

I don´t have answers on all your questions but just  want to share some experience from my side :-).

We used the event NOTIFY_ONBOARD_ASSIGN_SUPERVISOR instead to just send one email to the supervisor. We noticed that we needed to have the email on person as well, it was not enough with email on user. 

You should be able to see the result/status in Application Message. 



Hi Karolina, 

Many thanks for your feedback! 
This view already helps me - I found the events with status failed. At least this is the next step where I can investigate. Thank you :smile: !

Kind Regards, 

Hi all, 

A quick update about my ongoing investigations: 

  • As in 90% of the cases, the problem was a missing setup:
    the communication method for the employee must be set as default 
  • After activating the check box for the communication method email, I could generate the email via event&action (described above) - very happy at this point :)

Now, a new issue appeared: I could trigger all required event&actions except for one: 


I fear this might be a bug. The event ID and description refer to a task comment. However, on Aurena there is no column or functionality called “Comment” as far as I know. Instead there is a column called “Remarks”. 

  • Has anyone achieved to trigger an action with this event? 
  • Or does anyone know about another comment functionality for the onboarding tasks than the column remarks?


Thanks for any help :) 





Hi all, 

Short update on this case:

  • There is a bug the assistant “New Employment” when an onboarding template is assigned to the new employee. The Emails just do not get triggered.
    There is a fix coming in Apps10 UPD17. 
  • The Event NOTIFY_ONBOARD_TASK_COMMENT gets triggered when entering a comment in the Follow-Up step.