EMPPAY ISO20022 ABA Information missing - USA

  • 24 September 2022
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Hello everyone,


is there anyway we can set up the employee properties, employee payment methods to transfer the ABA-Number that is needed in the US by the Bank of America to properly process the payments?


Here is the reference to NACHA that is also stating the ABA-fields: Nacha_ISO20022_Guide_pain.001_credit.pdf


Currently when I have a look at the used transformer: IFS_EMP_ISO20022_TO_CORE_ISO20022.xls the referred fields from NACHA are not even defined.


Could someone please confirm my current analysis/understanding, that the needed fields where the ABA-Values are expected are not considered in the standard transformer or please correct me, if I’m wrong.
If I’m right: Easiest way would be to modify the .xls-Transformer and parallely requesting an enhancement via LCS-Case for the customer -right? Or any other ideas here?






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