Employee id and Person id auto generate

  • 2 November 2021
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Whether the employee id and person id can be auto generated with next number while creating employee. If the format of emp id and person id is alpha numeric. Ex: ABC-123

6 replies

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Dear @EnvManasM ,

I believe it is only supported as a numeric field not alpha numeric from Enterprise identification series.



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Hi @EnvManasM ,


You can attempt to enter the next value in the Enterprise Identities Series through the database level and then check whether the automatic numbering happens correctly. This would need to be considered as a customized data change. 


Best Regards,


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Hi Ruwanjala,


Thanks for the solution will try to do accordingly and check.



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There are properties to set for this per company in Company Details. I normally don’t use the global identity series for employee numbers. Instead I set it per company. I’d use the highlighted properties for your scenario.



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If the person number and employee number need to be the same, which is something I have been asked in the past, configuration would be required.  You can for employee use some of the properties Maria has shown e.g. EMPPREFIX and identity series together as well.

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Hi Maria,

Thanks for the detail. I am aware of the property code for the employee id. But for Person id Configuration, if anything is there instead of doing through database level.