Employee has no options to 'Add Hours to...' in Time Registration

  • 23 December 2021
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Hi Community,


May I know why user can’t see options like Shop Order, Indirect, Project, Work Order etc.  in ‘Add Hours to’ option below?



Thank you in advance!

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Best answer by Chandima Pathirana 27 December 2021, 13:44

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3 replies

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Hello Thakshila,

You need to connect this Employee to appropriate  Time base.

You can do this in window “Time Registration Employee Time Base”



Try this.


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Hi @Thakshila,


You need to add the employee to ‘Time Registration Employee Time Base’ window as mentioned by Kasun. This will allow the users to add hours through the time registration window.


Further, when selecting the time base of the employee if you select ‘Clocking controlled wage hours’ the time registration is prioritized on wage codes. If you select ‘Job hour controlled wage hours’ adding hours will be prioritized on projects. The job controlled table is on top to add hours. You have to choose this according to the employees’ relevant time base.

Hope these information will be useful when connecting the employees.


Best Regards,


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Thank you so much Kasun and Chandima for both of your support. Those were much helpful!