Changing Person ID or Emp ID in the Employee Form

  • 20 September 2022
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Regarding customer request reported via G2350213

In the employee record is it possible to change the Emp ID or Person ID. When someone changes their name we may need to change their Person ID. There are situations where an employee ID may need to change. Is there a way to easily update these fields?

2 replies

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Hi @Tharindu Nadeeshan ,


I do not think IFS user interface allows you to change either an employee ID or person ID associated with an existing employee.  I think the only option is to create a new employee and person record.   When we first started using the HR module our HR team made mistakes linking existing person records to employees and we had to have IFS perform a data repair to change the person records linked to the employee.


Just curious why you would need a new person or employee record when a name is changed.  You are able to change names in both the employee and person records.  We do this often when someone gets married or divorced.  



William Klotz



What screens do you use to do this?  Only option we know if right now is to create a new ID and connect it with existing ID.