Aurena not clearly showing days not available (Allocate Resource)

  • 8 November 2021
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When in IEE of IFS10 (update 11) we look at the allocation of a resource (from a work order task). It shows the resources available and, as they are linked to the HR schedule in Resource detail settings, their availability:

Image 1: Allocate Recource in IEE

The top resource is available on all days. The second one is available on days November 9th (see (1) and 10th. Due to Schedule set up in HR, s/he is no longer available (see (2) and (3)). So colors help me here to visually see what is going on.

The same selection in Aurena shows the following:

Image 2: Resource Allocation in Aurena

Resources are correctly shown. However just a grey line in (1), (2) and (3) for the second resource.

Is there any way to set this correctly or is this a bug?

Changing the color theme leads to:

Image 3: Dark Theme

When looking at the settings of the graphic, they are:

Image 4: Settings


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