Windows 11 Apps 9

  • 14 October 2021
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Has anyone experience of Apps 9 on Windows 11.


We are about to start feeding devices though - and would be interested in feedback.


I am aware that Apps 9 will NEVER be certified for Windows 11.





5 replies

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Hi @Matthew ,


Application 9  is now R&D desupported track and their product supported planforms were published based on windows 10 and older versions.

APP9 standard support endedon 27-March-2020 and at that time windows 11 was not released.

Below are the supporting windows platforms for APP9


According to this chart,  currently Windows 10, 21 H1 is the latest windows version which supports to APP9 provided that you have the latest App9 UPD level of Update 18.


Please note that, IFS R&D offer extended support for APP9 until 2023  and therefore, RnD may certify newer windows versions like windows 11 during the extended support period (just an assumption) but please make sure to have the latest update 18 if you don't have if you are entitled for updates and extended support.




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Hi Matthew,

I don't think it will be a problem.



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We installed windows 11 pro on the virtual machine. not much experience with IFS but there doesn't seem to be any problem.


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Hi @Matthew ,


We have installed Windows 11 on two user machines as part of our testing of Windows 11 and these users work in IFS all day using IFS Enterprise Explorer.   They have not experienced any issue using IFS at the point with Windows 11.



William Klotz

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Thanks for the info. We shall hope for the best.


I’ll check if our IFS Extended support has been actioned - if so I’ll update to UPD18, may as well be as certified as possible. Though these support levels are making me almost Certifiable!