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What determines how print jobs are processed?

  • 1 April 2022
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What determines how print jobs are processed? We have noticed printing does not print in sequence by Job ID? Should print jobs in the same queue print in order by Job Id? What determines the printing order?



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Hello @arebbeadle,

If you need to process print jobs in the same queue, print in order by print job id, you can change the EXECUTION_MODE =  ‘InSequence’ and THREAD_COUNT = 1 of the relevant batch queue. This change can be done in Solution Manager> Integration> IFS Connect> Setup IFS Connect window.

If you change the EXECUTION_MODE to ‘InOrder’  it will stop processing any other jobs after an error in one print job.

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If I make the  change to EXECUTION_MODE =  ‘InSequence’ and THREAD_COUNT = 1, I assume it will affect all printers in the Batch2 Queue? Should I create a new Print Task Template with a different Batch queue and move only the printers that I need to print InSquence?  Currently all printers are in the same batch. 





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Hello @arebbeadle,

Yes you can create new Processing Print Jobs Application Server Task template and create a new batch queue for this purpose.

You can find more information from below link.