What causes Print Manager to take 3-5 minutes to process print jobs

  • 14 January 2022
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What causes Print Manager to take 3-5 minutes to process print jobs. Recently printing has slowed down. what use to take 10-30 seconds to print is now taking 3-5 minutes to print. The majority of our reports are Crystal reports. We are running APPS10 UPD#11 since September 2021 without any issues until recently. 

Has anybody seen these issues? How did you resolve the issues?



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Hello @arebbeadle 


I remember we had this issue in our company. 

I remember we refreshed cache. You can access “Refresh Server Cache” inside IFS. Sometimes, it can happen if you have many custom fields associated with the tables used on the report. 

And because our report server work is separate from our App server, we perform windows updates and restart the printer spooler. So any of these three action fixed the issue in our company.

If you try to perform something like that, I recommend doing it in your test environment and testing the results.

I hope this helps.

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I refreshed cache but no improvement. I will apply Windows updates this weekend and see if that helps.



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Applying Windows updates and rebooting servers seems to resolve the issues.