The method... is not registered Task and can't be started

  • 19 September 2023
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Hello everyone,

When I try to run the "Calculate Resource Capacity" processing from the "Resource management > Analysis > Resource Analysis" screen, I get this error message:

However, the task does exist as a bd task... it's even scheduled.
However, when I connect with IFSAPP, no problem.

The user does have rights to the task, could you give me an idea?
Thanks a lot! 

2 replies

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Hi TheoB,

I think when you run this there will be a background job gets created(not sure 100%). My suspicion is this user may not have enough privilege to run this background job. 

IFSAPP is a super user that’s why you are not getting any errors. 

 If possible please attach a screen print of the error/call stack extracted from the debug console. We might get a clue from that.

for ex:



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Hi @Sahan Udana,

The debug console doesn't show much... :

The task to be executed is correctly tuned in terms of set permissions (RESOURCE_CAPACITY_API.GENERATE_CAPACITY).
This task is executed directly using the procedure: Batch_Schedule_Method_API.Execute_Online__.
This is also authorized.

Any other ideas?
Thanks a lot!