Synchronize configuration Onshore to Offshore

  • 5 October 2022
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This is related to Data Synchornization in IFS.

Let say that we have an application configuration package (ACP) we have imported to Onshore and sent it to offshore. Now we make a change in one of the custom field or add one more configuration to our ACP.
Now we need to send this ACP to Offshore.
Then the schedule job for importing this changes is runned offshore.
But it will only importing the ACP not publish it. this seems wrong, since of course i want the ACP to be published when the import job is runned. Note that the ACP i published in Onshore when it is sent to offshore.

I have report this to IFS and it is in their queue. 
Does anyone know if this is a known bug or if there is any parameter we need to set anywere in the application?

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