Specify a Browser When Opening a Link

  • 16 November 2019
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We have a list of IFS document names in Sharepoint.  Each document name has a link to IFS, which then opens the document.  

The link works when the user’s browser is Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.  It fails when the user’s default browser is Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, etc.  That’s because the link must first open IFS 10 (which it can’t do) before IFS can open it for viewing.  Requiring all our users to set their default browser to either IE or Edge is NOT an option.

How do I force a document link to open with a specific browser?  For example, if the user has Chrome as the default browser, how do I force the link to open IFS 10 in Microsoft Edge?



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yes, as @durette said we have a chrome extension that would automatically launch iee client. Also when it comes to aurena, its recommended for chrome. So it would be good idea to find a way to stay with chrome.


The extension and a msi file can be found in add-on page from your application access page.

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There are also extensions you can get to open a ClickOnce application in Chrome or Firefox.

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Since you're starting in SharePoint, you're limited to what the web browser will allow a website to do. Chrome will not allow a website to open another browser. To do otherwise would violate its sandboxed security model.


There are plugins you can get for Chrome to open a given site in another browser, but the user must initiate that switch.