Scheduled BR Reports Not Executing

  • 12 January 2022
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We have a handful of BR reports scheduled to run each night through the BR Execution Server.

The reports often get stuck in “Rendering in Progress” status.

When this happens, we restart the BR software and it begins working again temporarily, but will error again after several days.

We are using IFSAPPS10 UPD8.


Has anyone else experienced this? How can we get our scheduled BR reports to run daily without regular errors?


Below is a screenshot from the Execution Server Admin Console showing several reports in Rendering in Progress status that started at midnight, and a screenshot of the error log detail for one report.





3 replies

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HI @ hreavis,

Can you please check the below points in the respective BRES.

  • Check whether the following folders exist in the specified location.
    <<Refer attachment - ScreenShot1>>
  • In Services check whether the “IFS BR Execution Server” service is given an administrative account.
    <<Refer attachment - ScreenShot2>>

If the above is not configured, then there is a higher tendency to encounter the specified error.

Thanks & Best Regards,


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@Bhagya Wickramasinghe thank you for the suggestion but it looks like we are set up correctly in those 2 places. I verified that our admin account is given admin system privileges, and those 2 folders do exist in that folder.


Please let me know if you have any other troubleshooting ideas we might try.


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We just updated to version 13 and are still experiencing this issue.