Mass Update Functionality in IFS Cloud

  • 15 June 2023
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Do we have any baseline screen in IFS Cloud 22R2 or 23R1 which has a Mass Update button functionality in the screen similar to what we have in FSM? I’m looking for a way, when we click on the button, it defaults a value to a field for all the selected records in the screen automatically.

We have the Mass Edit button in List screens but that requires manually updates to each record which I do not want.

Please let me know if we can achieve this through configuration or customization. Also, if there are any reference screens or documents.

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Priyanka Cecilia

2 replies

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Although a bit late, @Priyanka Cecilia V but no, there is no mass update functionality available in IFS Cloud. At least not up to IFS23R2.

Best way to do this is a migration job and if possible one that uses Excel, which makes it the most user friendly option.

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Hi @Priyanka Cecilia V, can you share the broader business requirement?

You reference that ‘Edit All’ feature in the overview or list pages may not work.  Have you already reviewed filtering the list first then using the Edit All?

In my experience, this ends up being a somewhat happy medium for customers.