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Lobby Element Column Width %

  • 27 February 2020
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Can someone explain how the “Width (%)”  field on the Lobby Element Designer works, please? 

I have to say my success in getting the columns to display correctly is more luck than judgement...



Any information would be much appreciated.  




Best answer by GPIE 27 February 2020, 17:52

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3 replies

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Hi Linda,

You basically need to try to make the column widths add up to 100% and they will self space within the limitations you provide. From memory, the % actually represents the minimum space that a column will use, but they will grow wider if other columns are not using their space allocation. So you could for example manipulate your example by adding a third unused column and making it 80% to try to bring the other columns closer, or make the width of the overall box smaller of course.

It’s quirky but that’s HTML for you.

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I believe @GPIE is correct. The percent represents the minimum size, but the columns will expand to fill the elements. If you look at the XML for the element you will notice when the Widths are set to the default 20 then the XML does not contain any width data. 


If you edit the Width and then look at the XML you will notice it has the Width now.

Changing the Width Values didn’t change how the columns were displayed in the element. 


So I believe they are meant to be minimum widths.

In your sample you posted above I would recommend considering a 2X1 size element instead of the 4x1. Since you know you your ProdCodeDesc will only be 10% a 2x1 might hold the data better.


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Thanks, @mattconk and @GPIE .  Unfortunately I don’t speak XML/html but I’m going with the “percentage = minimum” :-)