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IFS functioning very slow

  • 5 August 2022
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  • Do Gooder (Customer)
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Our IFS system (Client - Server is running extremely slow.  Taking a long time to complete customer orders.  Seems worse when entering customer name and address and processing credit card payments.  What can we do for this? 

2 replies

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Actually, we couldn't assume the exact cause without investigating the particular environment.
Could you please send a support ticket to IFS Support? then they will investigate the issue and provide a proper solution/answer.

if it is a general slowness of the environment, most probably it's due to the infrastructure-related issue.
If the slowness is only available on the customer orders, it's due to a product-related issue.
But it needs to investigate the issue to tell the exact reason.

Please log a support case.


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Greetings, @rware 


The best option is to submit a case to IFS so that they may investigate the matter. This is the advice provided by @Kelum Pradeep Kumara 

As a last resort, I will bounce the serve in the “hope” that it will resolve the issue. However, the best advice was provided by @Kelum Pradeep Kumara above.