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IFS Cloud Managed Services - Options for TXT/CSV File integration with other cloud systems

  • 10 March 2021
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Since the cloud managed services options are limited to Oracle file storage (no network) what would be the option of integration via text/csv files with other systems (i.e. HR, Payroll, Projects, Shipping you name it, also cloud managed)? 

Setting up drop-zones for various integrated systems as Oracle paths brings up another question. How does one post files there, and how does one extract results? There are further limitations in using reverse proxy authentication for that, which does not offer access to oracle port .. and thus any oracle hits  will need to come via local network or VPN. Since I can’t have a VPN with every 3rd party solution providers, how do I bring them to the local network?

Hope it makes sense. If it doesn’t, I’ll rephrase :) Please let me know.


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I think you’ll need a go-between service that consumes or produces your flat files, and that go-between service would then communicate with your IFS instance via RESTful web service calls over HTTPS.


There’s no VPN necessary with a properly configured HTTPS service.

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Ok, so if I understand correctly, instead of dropping a file somewhere and monitoring that location, we create an inbetween service  where we post the files in. The posted files be processed by the inbetween service which will communicate via REST API  with the IFS app server doing what’s needed.

Sounds ok if it does not stop in the middle or some bright guy tries to process the same file multiple times. It’ll be fun.