IFS Cloud - How To Change systemURL Parameter

  • 17 May 2024
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We we’ve just had IFS Cloud 23R2 iteration 0 installed and we went to connect our installation to Azure Identity Provider.  When we created the identity provider the redirect Uri wasn’t our FQDN of our environment but rather our <server name>.<domain name> instead of ifscfg.<domain name>.  We reach our environment by going to ifscfg.<domain name> and our certificate is ifscfg.<domain name>.   


After investigating we see in the IFSCLOUD-VALUES.YAML file the systemUrl is pointing to <server name>.<domain name> and the secondarySystemUrl is pointing to ifscfg.<domain name>.    We would like to update the configuration so the systemUrl points to ifscfg.<domain name> and we remove the entry for secondarySystemUrl.


Does anyone know what is the installer command to accomplish this task from the management server?   


I’ve read the technical documentation but I did not come away confident to attempt to make the changes.



William Klotz

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You should be able to change the values in ifscloud-values.yaml and then do a reconfig using “installer.cmd --set action=mtinstaller”
Part of the IAM data will be lost if you change the system-url i guess. If this is a new system, then that might be ok. i.e. IAM will be partly reset.