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  • 14 October 2021
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Customer has an IAL that is selecting IFSAPP.Customer_Order_API.Get_State which in the end calls Customer_Order_API.Finite_State_Decode_ and in there retrieves the status via Domain_SYS.get_Translated_Values without language parameter. Language parameter is default Fnd_Session_API.Get_Language.

Customer wants the result in German but setting default language on user ifsapp and ifsinfo to German did not work - result is still english when running as scheduled IAL.

Executing IAL manually uses the current language.

Setting IAL-Queue language to German did not change it either.



Is there a way to set language for the session of the IAL job?

Or do I have to implement API Function that takes language as parameter and pass it through to Customer_Order_API.Finite_State_Decode_ ?


Thanks for help




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