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How to export Aurean navigator?

  • 8 April 2021
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In EE we use this option to export EE navigator, passing by Permission Set  


Is there the same option in Aurena, I need to export all content of aurena navigator in order to create access matrix.

Thank you in advance 





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Hi Ouahiba,

In the cloud documentation it is mentioned like this.

"Export and Import of Navigator Configurations

In the Navigator Configuration Overview page, all Navigator configurations are listed by Context. From here they can be added to Application Configuration Packages to take the navigator configurations between different environments. 

Added the link as well. Hope this helps.


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Hi Ouahiba,

In Aurena you can add the navigator configuration into ACP (Application configuration packages).Then you will be able to take the configuration into other environments.


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thank you for your answers, but I didn’t undestand, I think that I didn’t explain my need correctly. 

In EE when I export Xml navigator  and change extension to Xls, my objectif is to have the browser navigator like this 

in order to create Security Matrice (to define the differents Permission Set)

I need to have same matrix for Aurena navigator 


@Isuru Thilina , in navigator configuration, I have not data in my base.




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Ouahiba In Aurena you can use below option. Hope this helps.



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Thank you @Isuru Thilina 




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If we export in Aurena as shown above, it is not showing all the tab elements and command buttons for the pages.


Pls suggest how can we export the full navigator tree of the page details.