How to delete old client profiles?

  • 22 November 2021
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We changed all usernames and copied the client profiles to the new ones. We want to delete old profiles. There is a link between the user and client profile that we could not find. How can we delete client profiles?


4 replies

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Hi @hhy38,

You can use following tables to identify profiles, their values and users assigned.


In FNDRR_USER_CLIENT_PROFILE_TAB, you would ideally see 3 profiles per user and you can identify them using the value in ‘ORDINAL’    column. 

Ordinal 0 - current personal profile for the user

Ordinal 1 - current base profile for the user

Ordinal 9 - IFS Standard profile, which is assigned by the system the first time a user logs into the application. 

In your case, you may have to look which profiles are associated with each user in this table. 

Hope this helps!

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I know those tables. I just wonder is there a way to delete a profile. I deleted all values of the passive profiles. Thank you for the reply.

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Hi @hhy38,

You can delete profiles from “Explore Profiles” window in IEE after disconnecting them from the associated user.

Alternatively, you can do a data repair for above tables by correctly identifying the relevant profiles using a script. This would be the easier option to delete profiles in bulk, but would also be a little risky. 

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You might already got the things you asked for answered. This is just some additional info, for you and others reading this. 

This applies to IFS Apps9. 
Yes you can delete profiles. The correct way as an administrator is to delete profiles in the Enterprise Explorer client "Profiles" list page. Navigator menu "Explore Profiles". There is a field named "Owner". This is set to the User ID and means it is a personal profile for that user. (For base profiles owner field is empty)
A user may have more than one personal profile. One of them is default (that is one that automatically  applies when you logon). The default one cannot be deleted. Which one that is currently default is shown in the User Detail page / User Settings tab / User Profile section. This information is not shown in the list of Profiles. A user may shift which one that should be default.

As a user you can remove the personal profile you do not want to keep , using the User Profile tab in the User Options found by clicking your thumbnail picture in the client.

(About the underlying data model : The profile id in FNDRR_USER_CLIENT_PROFILE_TAB ordinal 0 is the default personal profile and references one of the profiles in FNDRR_CLIENT_PROFILE_TAB. Owner is set to the User ID. “Owner” is the connection from a profile to a user. The data source FNDRR_USER_CLIENT_PROFILE_TAB tells which ones that is default and what base profile that applies)