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How do you print barcodes from shop orders?

  • 21 June 2022
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Hi IFS Community,


Bartender Software is used by our company to generate labels.


Does any of your company use Bartender software? If so, how can you connect IFS to Bartender to print shop orders with barcodes?


In my proposal, I would like to create a right-click option to generate a window where the user is able to select the type of label and then print it. Any ideas how your company print l


I would like to know how others have printed labels from IFS. 


Please share any documents with me that you may have. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

We are still using IFS9




3 replies

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I am not familiar with Bartender, but for label printing you can try the script plug-in.

Introduction to Report Plug-ins:

Script Plug-in

Please look up the equivalent documentation for IFSAPP9. Although most things are the same as in IFSAPP10, there could be little differences like the plug-in class name. 

Hope others will share their ideas on this as well. 

Hope this helps!

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you can use crystal reports as an option to print barcodes as well. 

it will be added as an additional layout to existing report definitions (Shop_order_REP) and the labels will be created using crystal report application and it has the support for Barcode and QR. Some customers use crystal reports. With this option you will print it like other standard reports (Just select the new layout instead of standard layout)


Best Regards

Nadeesha Liyanage.

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Hello @EntNadeeL 


Your response is very interesting to me. 

Would you be able to provide an example of how to utilize Crystal Report to generate labels?