Git folder structure for non-standard stuff

  • 17 March 2023
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I’d like to start using the customer-solution repository in the IFS Lifecycle Experience Portal to replace our current source control repository. This will include such extra things like…

  • Crystal Reports
  • SQL Quick Reports
  • Custom APIs
  • PowerShell infrastructure scripts (for database refreshes, integrations)
  • ACPs
  • Print Agent XMLs
  • etc.

What are the best practices around dumping such code and configuration items into Git that aren’t intended to be touched by a delivery installer?

1 reply

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Hi @durette 


Stuff which should only be version controlled can be added in <component>/nobuild/ folder.

Read through below KBA and point 14 is what you are looking for :)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Application Lifecycle Experience (ALE) | IFS Community


Best practice is to add them in CMOD component. 

If you doesn’t have CMOD component in your git, please check below article on how to create one.

How to introduce a new component like CMOD in IFS Cloud? | IFS Community


You need to have the role Build Place Technician to do that and if IFS is responsible for this, you can ask them to create it.


Hope it helps!