External Search -- Stop URL from showing in new browser tab every time?

  • 13 October 2021
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I am trying to develop canned routines to generate External Search URLs that will fire up IEE on a specific form and record. This will also be useful for firing up Lobbies with different criteria entered (when the lobby has user-entered page elements, including wildcards).

Things work fine, and I am able to create URLs that work for both form and Lobby navigation. But when I execute the URL it displays it in a new Chrome tab (Chrome is my default browser). I don’t want this to happen. I want the URL to pass through to IFS without needing to go (visibly) through a browser. I have had limited success automating the “InternetExplorer.Application” COM object, and tried WebView2 (without success). I cannot discover a way to pass the raw HTTP request directly to the app server so it can seamlessly display in IEE.

I’d like to get this working without generating dozens of browser tabs so that it can become a feasible way of navigating to IEE form our legacy applications. This is how we will get more and more users to gravitate toward IFS as we deploy functionality in phases (we are taking it slow, converting custom-programmed legacy applications one at a time).

Does anyone know how to better pass an External Search URL to IEE without the user’s default browser getting involved?


Much thanks,

Joe Kaufman

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