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Excel Migration- How to commit after each row insert?

  • 21 February 2020
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Hi All,


I need to modify value entered in the previous record while inserting a new record using Excel Migration. So I created a Mig job with two sequences. 

Mig Job Method List

When Inserting one row at a time, it works perfectly but when executing more than one rows, it does not work as expected.

It seems COMMITSEQ rule does not work with Excel Migration. Has anyone got an idea how to do this?

I’m tryin this is in Apps 10 UPD 6.

Mig definition is attached if anyone is interested :sunglasses:

2 replies

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I would be interested as I’ve done the same exercise.

I came up with two Excel migration jobs. One to close a price list line for a date. Next migration job to create a new price list.

I’ve not tried it, but can you fire of a next migration job that will create the new price line (passing the part, supplier, quantity, date and price to the next job)?


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Hi @eqbstal I am trying to achieve the same workflow as you successfully completed via migration job. i.e;
‘Close’ existing line in ‘Price List’ tab of ‘Supplier for Purchase Part’ screen and insert new ‘Active’ Line.

In our company, we don't own Excel migration tool, Is there still a possibility i can use Migration Job, i can create temporary table from Excel to provide source data, if that could work.

following are my options that i can see

will you be able to show me the other tabs and header of the above migration jobs you setup above. I would like to give it a try. will appreciate your help.