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Event Action Error: "Element denoted by path [$EVENT_RECORD$] not found"

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Hi all,

I am seeing an error message when using an Event Action to generate an Application Message output in IFS 10.

When I try to carry out the action that triggers the event (i.e. changing the status of a Shop Order), I get the error shown below (“Element denoted by path [$EVENT_RECORD$] not found”). If I disable the Event Action, I can change the Shop Order successfully. Any ideas?

The Event process is set up as follows:

1. Create an Event with ID SHOP_ORDER_STATUS_CHANGE:


2. Create Event Action of type Application Message:


3. Create a Routing Rule linked to SHOP_ORDER_STATUS_CHANGE:


Am I missing anything?

Many thanks,

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Is there a reason why you left the fields of action details blank in the second screen shot (on event action)? Connector seems to me to be filled with one of the senders.

IFS Connect is not common ground for me, my idea above is pure from logic and not a working experience.


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Hi Steve,

Two reasons.

Firstly an example on this forum of a working solution did not use any of these fields. Secondly, they are optional fields. Help states “If Connector is not specified the message will be routed by Connect” and the other fields are only required if Connector is specified.


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Which Update are you on @GPIE? This was an issue prior to Upd5 and was resolved by bug 145612. Might not be the same issue, but worth looking into. 

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Thanks @anmise, we are on UPD 4 so a definite possibility!

Many thanks.