Delivery failure slows development after successful topic and sanity

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I’m working on an upgrade from 23.1.3 to 23.2.5. 

If I have a problem with, say, the deploy.ini of a component, it doesn't get caught in the topic environment build or the sanity build, so I have to wait all the way until I attempt a delivery before it shows up. It takes a whole day to delete an environment, rebuild the topic environment, do the sanity build, and build the delivery. (I’ve resorted to skipping the topic environment build, but it doesn’t feel right.)

Why are there these extra checks at the delivery stage that aren’t caught earlier? It seems to me that this defeats the purpose of the topic environment build and the sanity build. It doesn’t actually prove it’s sane.

Can I recreate or simulate these extra checks to do better unit testing?

Is there a faster way to develop?

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