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Cannot load Lobby Page in IFS Cloud

  • 19 April 2022
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When I open Lobby Page in IFS Cloud in Customer I get the following error. Please help me to eliminate this issue. 


3 replies

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Hi ProThushA,


Could be a caching issue. Can you try the following (similar lobby issue fixed by trying the below).

temporarily log out of the IFS account where the lobby is not showing.
log in IFSAPP, access the lobby and then log out.
log back in with the user who does not have access to the lobby




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Hi Sahan,

I have the same issue on a customer’s CFG environment. The lobby works fine in the dev environment.

But as we don’t have the ifsapp password on the use place env we can’t apply your method.

Is the error due to some missing security rights ?

Thank you


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Hi again,

In fact I corrected the issue by granting all lobby elements, pages and datasources. So my issue was linked to some missing grants.

Best Regards