Can I increase the field length of an IFS object table?

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Can I increase the field length of an IFS object table, specifically the field in the Scrapping_Cause_Tab, “REJECT_MESSSAGE”? Its length is 35 and we want to increase the field length to 100. Will this cause any issues? 

Please let me know if there are any options?

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@arebbeadle I did a quick check in IFS 23R2 DB and it seems that only the SCRAPPING_CAUSE_TAB contains the REJECT_MESSAGE column. This means that in the rest of the tables it’s referenced by REJECT_REASON.


It would seem safe to alter the length of the field, but I’d also wait for some confirmation from someone from R&D.

REJECT_REASON appears in quite a few places:


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Hi @arebbeadle ,

My recommendation would be to stay away from doing this as changes to core tables become a nightmare when it comes to upgrades. You might also get issues with the variable lengths defined in the PL/SQL logic if they are set in a static manner. 

Not sure exactly what you are trying to do but have you considered using a custom attribute for an extended reject message so something similar?