Application Message Notification - Waiting state

  • 25 November 2021
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Hi there,


Is there a way to re-process a notification which is in waiting state? 

I have an issue with my notification, it had an error where the recipient had @@ signs. So it gave me Error while sending data... 
Caused by: javax.mail.internet.AddressException: Domain contains illegal character


I have since corrected it. I have suspended a message and resumed it but it went to the same state. Notification is triggered by custom event when project is marked started. Is there a way to re-try message? 

1 reply

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Hi @Kasia,

When you re-try the message, it will be retired with the original Message Input Data. If you want the input values to change, the application message will have to be re-generated with new data which will generate a new application message with the correct input data. If the input date in the new application message is correct, the new application message should process successfully.